From Running “Soles Pacers”

Who Are Running Soles Pacers

We see amazing people every day at Running Soles, and it generally has nothing to do with the speed at which they complete a race or how they look. We genuinely believe that anyone who chooses an activity - from walking to running to working out at any level - is an inspiration and someone we want to associate with. We are inspired every day by the folks who choose to come in to Running Soles and open themselves up to becoming a healthier and happier person by been part of our Running Soles Nation (RSN).
From time to time, we meet people who we feel raise the bar even further. Perhaps they compete in their chosen event at the very highest level. Perhaps they have dedicated their efforts to the betterment of others through charitable activities. Or perhaps they are willing to push their own individual limits to meet a health goal, overcome adversity or lose weight and in the process inspire many of us to simply keep moving. Regardless of their focus, these people set the standard for their activity, and in return we choose to recognize them. Other running stores tend to have a "race or elite team" - we prefer "Pacers".

In ultra running, a "Pacer" is someone who sacrifices their own performance by providing encouragement, data feedback and pace support to a fellow runner or walker. Someone who is willing to give up their time and energy to improve the lives of others. The folks on this page make others better while making themselves better, and we are in awe of their efforts. They are, truly, our Running Soles Pacers!