We Help People

Be Comfortable On Their Feet

Quality Footwear and Proper Technique Not Just For Runners. It’s For Everyone.

Running Soles is the ultimate “one stop hub” for all your fitness needs! With weekly running/walking clinics, monthly running/walking workshops (group or individual) and weekly “Fun” Run/Walks. We will invite local nutrition, physical therapists & many other medical and athletic experts regularly to educate and keep the whole Running Soles Family healthy!

We consistently provide the best customer service possible to all of our customers by conducting an assessment of previous and current injuries, provide guidance based on fitness goals (beginner or advance), running form and gait analysis.

We offer a healthy line up of footwear, apparel, gear, nutrition, hydration, therapy and much more to help everyone achieve results while preserving health. All of our balanced footwear promotes a healthier way of running, walking, exercising and living life!

Where We Specialize


We have a great variety of products for EVERYONE. If you’re a runner, walker or someone that is on their feet, we have everything you need to keep you feeling great.


We focus on helping everyone that visits us in any way that we can to make their experience the best we possibly can.


The Running Soles Nation community is what we are most proud of. We have a strong community of people that are like minded and enjoy encouraging each other to whatever their goals are.


The end game of Running Soles is results. We want people to have great results in whatever aspect of life we can help them with. From nutrition and footwear to a flashlight or foam roller, we have what you need to start seeing results

We Decided To Start Running Soles To Help Everyone – Will and Madeline Rivera

Will Rivera a Certified Natural Running Coach and owner of Running Soles.

With his extensive knowledge and personal experience as an ultra marathon runner, he can help you find the shoe, apparel and gear to fit the needs on the road, trails, in the gym, cross-training or walking.